Patten University

Property: 2433 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA

Patten University’s mission is to provide an excellent education on the undergraduate and graduate levels that integrates growing faith and quality learning to inspire and equip men and women for Christian ministry and service to effect community and global transformation. Patten offers a coherent and integrated education so that students will become aware of traditions and cultures that have shaped societies, develop and expand their abilities to think critically and independently, and understand their own place and role in the larger world community.

Unique Challenge

Patten University wanted to hire a consultant to perform a campus-wide asset management study as a key part of their overall Strategic Plan to realize a new educational paradigm for the University.

Solution Provided

DCG was retained to conduct a preliminary analysis of properties owned by Christian Cathedral Church and Patten Academy of Christian Education both on and in close proximity to the campus. The short-term priority was to improve the overall cash flow situation as quickly as possible by establishing and then implementing a sustainable strategy for maximizing rents and reducing debt through the sale of non-strategic assets. Analysis included:

  • Asset Survey
  • Title Survey
  • Debt Survey
  • Rent Survey
  • Market Value Survey
  • Property Condition and Code Assessment

The University was ultimately able to leverage this analysis to provide context to their overall strategic plan and solicit other strategic partners in their effort to create a new and sustainable model for the organization.