Centerville Presbyterian Church

Property: 3858 Bonde Way, Fremont, CA

Centerville Presbyterian Church is similar to many other churches throughout California, facing the very real and growing challenge of affordable housing for key staff (youth, music, associate and other pastors and administrative staff). DCG was brought in to perform a Feasibility Analysis on the potential for constructing 8-12 residential (townhome) units on surplus land owned by the church.

Unique Challenge

Their objective is to have market rate units that can be leased to help subsidize rent on the remaining units — units that can be leased to key staff at affordable rates. This would reinforce the church’s efforts to recruit and retain key staff — a significant factor in the future sustainability of any church ministry.

Solution Provided

The project was one of the first (out of two) projects to experience the newly enacted General Plan Amendment Prioritization Request process. As a part of the process, DCG presented the project at both the Planning Commission and City Council. Both gave the project a unanimous approval to move forward with our request for entitlements and additionally was given first priority. DCG managed the entitlement process for 8 rental townhomes. The project was filed as a condominium map to allow the church greater flexibility in the future (should financial hardships force them to sell a unit). The project received entitlements the first quarter of 2018 and DCG is managing the construction process through completion.

For more information on the work we are doing with Centerville Presbyterian church, visit: How to Leverage Your Church Property to Meet Your Ministry’s Goals.