Destiny Christian Fellowship

Property: 42326 Albrae St, Fremont, CA

Destiny Christian Fellowship started in 2010, led by the vision of Pastor Paul Sheppard with a mission of winning unchurched and unbelieving people to Christ, teaching them God’s Word and developing a church where people are safe to learn, grow and experience the transforming power of God.

Unique Challenge

For 44 months, Destiny had no formal home, operating largely as an itinerant church – and based on availability of hotels and schools, changing venues for worship services every week across five Bay Area cities.

It was no easy feat financially or logistically, requiring teams of volunteers to transport, set up, break down and return to storage vans full of A/V equipment, musical instruments, children’s ministry equipment and materials and much more. Through all of this the congregation flourished, and the leadership and members prayed for the right venue and right timing to find a permanent home.

Solution Provided

Pastor Paul initiated a search for a firm to help identify a property that fit their unique needs, and negotiate a deal in their best interests. Upon meeting DCG, Pastor Paul felt immediately at ease, recognizing not only the real estate expertise, but the firm’s heart for churches – even attending worship services to get a clear feel for who they were and what they did. After selecting a 37,000 square foot facility to call home, through every phase of the project, DCG helped identify resources to work with to deliver the results and experience Pastor Paul had in mind. “I think DCG is a perfect firm to help churches find their uniqueness … the fact that they like to think different really resonates with me because that’s how I think about ministry,” shares Pastor Paul. “I didn’t want to go to the average firm to help me find the average property, I wanted to go to people who knew what we were about, and could help meet our mission with their expertise and that’s exactly what happened in our case.”