DCG Closes Development Deal in Fremont, CA

After multiple years of diligent work, Dutra Cerro Graden (DCG) is happy to announce that it has sucessfully entitled and sold a 4.55 acre parcel in Fremont, CA that has been approved as a multi-phase 63-unit residential subdivision.

In 2009, DCG was approached by the owners of 34044 Fremont Blvd. in Fremont, CA to investigate the merits of developing their 2.76 acre property, located on a busy corner surrounded by existing residential development. The property housed a produce stand, a residential structure, and a dilapidated barn. To best fit in with the surrounding residential neighborhood, DCG and the property owners envisioned a low-density residential plan for the property. Unfortunately, the property was zoned for Medium Density Residential. DCG overcame this challenge by acquiring additional acreage from an adjacent Church, which was zoned for Low Density Residential and also involving the church’s remainder parcel in the project plan.  By incorporating the acreage acquired, as well as a Phase 2 plan which contemplated future development on the remaining Church property, the total acreage was increased to 4.55-acres and a blend of Low and Medium density aligned market demand with the City’s density requirements.

DCG then developed a conceptual plan that was ultimately marketed to the development community. After receiving seven (7) offers for the property, DCG ultimately worked with the property owners to choose Tim Lewis Communities to successfully obtain a Tentative Map for a multi-phase 63-unit residential subdivision on a total of 4.55 acres.  This complex “infill” development will help to quell the ever increasing demand for new housing in Fremont.  It has the additional benefit of turning what was an underutilized, and somewhat blighted, corner parcel into a new gateway into North Fremont.

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