New Name, New Logo, Same DCG – Introducing DCG Strategies

Dutra Cerro Graden, a leader in providing real estate consulting, management and brokerage services for community-minded organizations, announced today that it is changing its name to DCG Strategies. The name change reflects the company’s focus on working with academic, faith-based, government and nonprofit leaders to use real estate better for meeting their organizational missions.

“The new name — DCG Strategies — allows us to highlight that we give advice first before we do anything with the real estate,” said Landis Graden, co-founder and CEO of DCG Strategies. “The traditional real estate company isn’t built to serve mission-driven organizations. It’s a very profit-driven environment. But these organizations don’t need transactions. They need trusted counsel on how their real estate contributes to their mission and broader community goals.”

DCG Strategies has provided full-service consulting, property planning and commercial real estate services to educational institutions, faith communities, nonprofits and governmental agencies for more than 12 years. The company was recently awarded status as a Certified Benefit Corporation (“B-Corp”) as further proof of its belief that improving communities is better for the company’s long-term success.  A certified benefit corporation is a for-profit corporation that is committed to making a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment (in addition to profit) as its legally defined goals.

“Success is defined in many ways by many people.  For DCG, we believe that success is defined by our ability to help our clients and partners to make their organizations more successful and, as a result, make our communities and our world a better place to live.  This, and the relationships we build along the way, is our definition of “success”, said Graden.

The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s products and services throughout the first quarter of 2018.

About DCG Strategies: Servicing the entire state of California and headquartered in Dublin, California, DCG Strategies is a team of real estate professionals who are committed to placing our communities and people before profits. As specialists in managing real estate investments for educational institutions, faith communities, nonprofits and local government agencies, DCG Strategies understands that the traditional rules of real estate change when viewed with an eye toward strengthening the community. This explains why DCG is so selective in terms of who they hire and the extensive nature of their training; all to assure that we not only provide the very best in real estate expertise, but that this expertise is held within the broader and more sacred context of meeting our clients and our communities needs above all else.