DCG Supports Newark Unified School District's Annual Event for Educators

DCG-Supports-Newark-School-DistrictAs part of our company commitment to Creating Communities of Value™, DCG donated 40 gift bags to support the Newark Unified School District’s annual event to honor the dedicated team of teachers, principals, support staff, and leadership staff that are integral in the District’s success. This year the event’s theme was “Building a Brighter Future”, reflecting the beginning of construction on many of the District’s facilities using the voter-passed Measure G Bond funds.

As part of the annual event, the District raffles surprise prizes to some of the 550 participants. DCG’s gift bags were assembled in appreciation for the countless hours of important work these dedicated educators provide to our community’s youth. Knowing the unfortunate reality of educators being continually asked to do more with less due to ongoing budget constraints, DCG’s gift bags contained some classroom supplies that are often found on donation request lists as well as a few items just for the recipient.

Dutra Cerro Graden hopes these small tokens of appreciation will serve as a reminder of how important their work is, not only in the lives or our children, but in Creating Communities of Value™ for us all.