RFP Released for New Haven Unified School District's Cabello Student Support Center

Dutra Cerro Graden has released a Request for Proposals on behalf of the New Haven Unified School District in an effort to sell the District’s Cabello Student Support Center located at 4500 Cabello Street in Union City, CA. The District’s objectives are as follows:

  1. to sell the site to generate funds to help offset the District’s ongoing cash challenges caused by continuing state cuts to the education budget;
  2. to assure that the contemplated use for the property is supportive of the District’s goal of enhancing their long-term fiscal sustainability;
  3. that the buyer of the site has the financial capacity and proven experience to bring the proposed project to consummation as efficiently as prudently possible, and finally;
  4. that the buyer of the site has a demonstrated history of working collaboratively with both the cities and the communities in which they have consummated projects in the past.