Doing Good and Doing Well: Real Estate Needs for Your Non-Profit

Non-profit Get your nonprofit out of the coffee shop and into a place where you can truly fulfill your mission. Image from unsplash/Alejandro Eskamilla

All non-profit organizations face the same dilemma: they need a good space to attract volunteers, plan their events, host the community, and further their mission. The problem comes from the “non” part of the name, as many non-profits struggle to be able to balance the positive goals of their mission and the need to reduce overhead. No one wants to spend too much on a space, because that is money that can go toward making a positive impact on the community. On the other hand, not having a good working environment can have just as much a negative impact.

At Dutra Cerro Graden, we understand that tension, and we want to help you help make the community a better place. Our mission is to use real estate to build a better world, one neighborhood at a time, and helping non-profits find a workable and affordable space to continue their good work is how we fulfill that mission.

Whether you are working to cure a disease, ending poverty, helping kids get to school, bringing joy and dignity to the elderly, taking care of unwanted pets, cleaning up the neighborhood, trying to bring peace to the streets, or any other work, DCG stands behind you, and will use our expertise to help get you the space you need to carry on your work.