Join Angie Williams, Senior Project Manager in Development Services, and DCG founder Landis Graden on Thursday, May 11th for this can’t miss session. This complimentary webinar will equip you with valuable information that will help position you to make wise decisions about the future. DCG will be joined by Pastor Greg Roth of Centerville Presbyterian Church and
DCG is honored to have been selected as a roundtable facilitator for CASH’s Annual Conference on March 22, 2017 where we will be discussing challenges, opportunities and obstacles to shoring up the financial health and sustainability for school districts across the state. As attendees consider the financial forecast for their districts, they will learn about
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CASBO Annual Conference & School Business Expo Booth #804 April 12-15 Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach, CA  
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Congratulations to Green Hive! Core to our mission, DCG believes in helping bring people together to do good for the greater good and provide long term benefit for the community.  GreenHive’s philosophy of creating a gathering space for sustainability-focused businesses, organizations and youth is an example of our mission in action. In many other cities the
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A national fast-food chain used to run an ad in which men in three-piece suits and women in expensive gowns would walk briskly up to the counter wearing paper bags over their heads. The point was that people loved the burgers but didn't want to admit to frequenting such a low-brow establishment.
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In Sacramento last year, a developer revealed an ambitious plan to convert an old factory, a former ice plant and storage facility, into apartments, restaurants, offices, and stores. The developer liked the gritty industrial feel of nine connected buildings that formed the oldest part of the historic plant, where he planned to build the office and
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Since the recession, new office construction has slowed down considerably. Despite adding jobs, many American cities have seen few new office projects. Speculative office building — when developers begin construction without locking down the leases – has been even rarer. The times are changing, however, and the cranes are starting to be seen atop rising
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Playa Vista, a Westside neighborhood, is home to the new Los Angeles tech boom. Image from Wikimedia Commons Silicon Valley is more of a culture and way of life then it is an actual physical location. The growth of the tech industry has had an incalculable influence over the Bay Area and, by extension, over
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Credit may be tight for some borrowers of home loans, but money is readily available for solid commercial projects. Credit: Flickr CC user fsecart If you’re thinking about getting a commercial loan for your real estate needs, you might be a little wary. Chances are good that you’ve heard credit is “tight” right now and
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Commercial real estate deals, no matter how promising, sometimes fall apart. Some deal breakers can be spotted from a mile away, but curiously, the developer fails to see them. In the midst of the recession in Santa Rosa, CA, a developer dreamed up a massive project that would have delivered not only a great magnet
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The drought is going to have a major impact on California, including its real estate market. Image from Wikimedia Commons Dried-up river beds. Parched, cracking fields. Once-full reservoirs now reduced to puddles, with the rings of previous highs looming like a distant memory on the mountains around them. Maps show huge portions of the state
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A booming housing market can help bring up the commercial market as well. Image from Wikimedia Commons Trying to give a simple explanation for the 2008 recession is a fool’s errand, at best. It was incredibly complicated with multiple causes and many people to blame. For the general public, however, it seemed to start with