October 11, 2023 / Published in Blog, Faith-Based
By DCG Strategies, Inc. | October 11, 2023 – updated October 12, 2023 California is still in a housing crisis. New State and local initiatives could make it easier for affordable housing developments to get started on land owned by religious institutions and non-profit colleges. What the New CA State Legislation (SB-4) Means for Churches
DCG Strategies announces the official sale of Oakland’s Dream Center transitional housing, located on 2321 International Boulevard in Oakland, to Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational church and nonprofit organization that has been operating the facility since 2017. The purchase comes on the heels of Kingdom Builders’ multi-year lease of the property, which was facilitated
June 25, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
During the past few weeks of social distancing, we as a society have been learning that community is more important than ever. Staying connected and checking in on one another via phone or online can help limit the anxiety and depression associated with isolation. For religious communities, virtual worship and group activities can keep everyone
church maintenance to keep it functioning
May 28, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
Organized church maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of your church building and prevent the damage that long-term neglect can cause.
April 16, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
Churches and other religious organizations are sitting on some of the most coveted social purpose real estate in the Bay Area. There’s no question that church real estate is valuable and likely the most valuable asset of a religious organization. As costs rise and congregations dwindle, there is a push toward maximizing the impact of
empty car lot - ideal property to turn into affordable housing in california
March 25, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
A new housing reform seeks to remove requirements for church parking lots looking to help build affordable housing in California.
property management by dcg for religious buildings
December 29, 2019 / Published in Company Updates, Faith-Based
Renting out religious buildings increases obligations for your church, but working with a property management firm can reduce the stress. Read more
beautiful church buildings for sale
November 29, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
For congregations in competitive real estate markets like California, it can be difficult to balance the need for funds to support church operations and programming with the need for administrative and worship space. Right-sizing your church building is possible, and DCG Strategies has helped many religious organizations do just that. Whether you’re looking for larger
Do you have a church for sale, or is your church struggling to support itself? You’re not alone. All across the country, churches are fighting to reconcile their changing demographics Today’s churches are learning to adapt by bringing in multiple sources of income, starting with an asset they already own: the church building. Below are
Churches are emerging as integral leaders in the struggle for affordable housing development. They often own more land than they need, and many congregations see themselves as thoughtful stewards of this property with an obligation to use it to help others. By partnering with affordable housing nonprofits, churches can gain the expertise and funding channels
October 11, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
The housing crisis in San Francisco has worsened in recent years, with a 30% increase in the homeless population since 2017. City officials are constantly looking to combat the problem in different ways. It’s a critical situation; people who might otherwise be able to support themselves are being pushed out by rapidly rising housing costs,
beautiful church building
September 11, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
Reimagining Your Church Building as an Asset With real estate in such high demand, many congregations are wondering how to best utilize what is likely their most valuable asset: their church building. A church building is first and foremost a spiritual home for the congregation, but it’s also a resource — what if there’s room