beautiful church building
September 11, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
Reimagining Your Church Building as an Asset With real estate in such high demand, many congregations are wondering how to best utilize what is likely their most valuable asset: their church building. A church building is first and foremost a spiritual home for the congregation, but it’s also a resource — what if there’s room
beautiful church building selling a church property
August 26, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
Why Focus on Selling a Church Property? Church communities ebb and flow as their surroundings change, and some even find themselves in the position of selling a church. Matching a church’s need for space with the right building is an ever-evolving challenge. Maybe a young church is growing rapidly and needs to move into a
August 20, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
If your church is struggling to keep its congregants — due to high housing costs in your community or other issues — it might be time to assess whether you’re using your church building efficiently and find new ways to make money with your church property. If not, consider leasing unused spaces to an outside
Churches understand what it means to serve. To sacrifice. They care for their congregants and their communities without fanfare or reward. Until they can’t anymore. Declining church attendance is already more the rule than the exception. Add on a housing crisis, and mere survival has become increasingly difficult for churches in the Bay Area, as