One of California’s most recent bills has been given the green light to boost teacher housing projects in the state. Workforce housing has previously been excluded from low-income housing tax credits due to strict equal housing laws, but AB 3308 loosens those restrictions for developments built on school district-owned land. The bill, which received bipartisan
A new California bill promotes low-income housing development on surplus land. Here, we explain what school districts need to know about the new law.
Looking for workforce housing solutions? Here’s how school districts in expensive areas can attract and retain talent through workforce housing.
Do you have a church for sale, or is your church struggling to support itself? You’re not alone. All across the country, churches are fighting to reconcile their changing demographics Today’s churches are learning to adapt by bringing in multiple sources of income, starting with an asset they already own: the church building. Below are
School districts might soon have an easier time building workforce housing for teachers under a new measure introduced in the California State Assembly. The legislation, Assembly Bill 1648, aims to shorten the delays teacher housing projects can face during the environmental review process and is a big step forward in addressing the state’s housing shortage
October 26, 2018 / Published in Education, Workforce Housing
Research shows that teacher-student relationships are vital in creating successful learning communities, and both teachers and students gain an advantage when teachers are able to live in the communities they serve. School employees who are part of the community stay invested in and connected to the families they work with. But rising housing costs can
Recognizing the critical connection of teacher quality and satisfaction with academic success, CAAASA will be presenting a special session on Workforce Housing: an innovative solution aimed at recruiting and retaining quality teachers. In California, one of the biggest drivers of teacher turnover is the increasing cost of housing. Drawing on its history of working with
February 13, 2018 / Published in Education, Workforce Housing
Housing costs have pinched California’s public school teachers for years. But the public perception is that college professors have it much better. That’s only partially true. A 2015 report by the UC Berkeley Center for Public Relations found that 25 percent of part-time college faculty and their families are enrolled in at least one of
California state lawmakers have been working hard to address the affordable housing crisis and propose legislation to help educators live in the communities they serve — and on Thursday, Oct. 12, their hard work paid off. Gov. Jerry Brown approved an assembly bill designed to empower school districts to use school property in new ways. Under the new bill,
The California Legislature knows the state has an affordable housing crisis. Lawmakers have proposed more than 100 bills to address the affordable housing shortage, including four bills that specifically target teacher and school staff housing. Recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers, librarians, coaches and other school staff who support students is critical to a healthy community
Teachers put their heart and soul into teaching, and at DCG, we put teachers at the heart of everything we do. Because of teachers, our students — and our communities — succeed. Parents, principals, administrators, businesses and governments have a responsibility to invest in the people who change the lives of children every day because
Just when you thought you couldn’t be surprised by housing costs in the Bay Area, a new study says even doctors can’t afford more than half the homes in San Francisco. The median price for a home in San Francisco now tops $1.2 million. This is completely out of reach for most people but especially