School districts’ fight against rising housing costs and teacher turnover could find a solution in Assemblymember Tony Thurmond’s (D-Richmond) proposed legislation. His bill would provide financial assistance to school districts to help fund the pre-development and development of housing for school employees, including teachers and classified employees. As Thurmond explained, “When educators are forced to
School districts across California received good news in September 2016 when Governor Brown signed into law SB-1413 “School Districts (Employee Housing).” Authored by State Senator Mark Leno, SB-1413 offers an innovative opportunity to ease a debilitating problem. SB-1413 bypasses many of the restrictive development regulations and authorizes school districts to establish and implement creative housing options for
A recent San Francisco Chronicle article highlights the degree to which teachers all over San Francisco are struggling. A December survey of 920 teachers and classroom staff conducted by the United Educators of San Francisco union found that 77 percent had a difficult time finding suitable housing. Fifty-nine percent said they were concerned the city’s
“Teacher housing is an additional tool to recruit people,” said Dominic Dutra, a Bay Area real estate developer who helps school districts plan and build teacher housing. “School districts have all of this underutilized land, and here’s a policy that helps them be competitive.”
SF Gate reports on a recent survey released by the Bay Area Council, having polled 1,000 residents across the 9-counties surrounding San Francisco Bay. The focus? Housing. Or more specifically what to do about the lack thereof.