SF Chronicle asks DCG to weigh in on Teacher Housing Solutions

The issue and debate around teacher and essential housing continue to be front and center across the Bay Area. The San Francisco Chronicle published a special report covering the topic from several angles including teacher pay and teacher housing, with many voices weighing in on both the problem and solutions.

DCG works with school district leaders across the state, and finds identifying more immediate and creative “Workforce Housing” solutions to be at the top of many school district’s priority lists  – particularly those in “high rent” communities. Given the land values across many of California’s metro areas, there is an openness and curiosity to understand how unused or surplus land can be used as a resource for funding or development of critical housing. “Teacher housing is an additional tool to recruit people,” said Dominic Dutra, a Bay Area real estate developer who helps school districts plan and build teacher housing. “School districts have all of this underutilized land, and here’s a policy that helps them be competitive.”

Read the full article here to learn what local districts are doing to help their teachers stay put.