Four Reasons to Explore Workforce Housing

Research shows that teacher-student relationships are vital in creating successful learning communities, and both teachers and students gain an advantage when teachers are able to live in the communities they serve. School employees who are part of the community stay invested in and connected to the families they work with. But rising housing costs can make it difficult for public school districts to recruit and retain teachers.

This has several negative effects. Teachers who work in expensive housing markets are often forced to live far away, and can have commutes as long as a few hours each day. This causes stress that can lead to early burnout and high turnover rates for employees. Extra-long commutes also leave less time for after-school study help, mentoring and activities that all contribute to a school’s success. We all know that the strength of a school is an indicator of economic strength and stability in a community.

The concept of workforce housing provides a creative solution for building better communities and easing the burden on teachers, administrators, staff and their families. Here are four benefits workforce housing could have for your school district:

Maximize Resources

Does your school district have real estate that’s not being used effectively? Perhaps that space could be developed and used to house employees. Turning your existing, underused real estate into workforce housing helps to maximize your resources efficiently.

Owning and operating a workforce housing development also creates a source of recurring revenue for your school district, helping improve financial stability long-term.

Short-Term and Long-Term Relief

If your district is located in a high-rent area, workforce housing can offset cost-of-living increases for your employees. It creates both an immediate and long-term solution for school staff who would otherwise have to contend with a competitive market.

Flexibility and Control

You know the unique needs of your community, and workforce housing allows incredible flexibility for how you use your property to meet those needs.

All of this can be done while you retain control over your district’s real estate.

Recruitment and Retention

With workforce housing, your school district has a competitive edge in recruiting high-quality employees. Taking care of school personnel in this way also promotes loyalty within your staff and the community, helping create a more stable, long-serving workforce.

DCG Strategies is experienced in working with educational institutions and can help you decide whether workforce housing is right for your school district, college or university. You can learn more about workforce housing here, download our white paper, and contact us to discover your options.