DCG’s Steffani Kizziar Participates in the Spirit of Humanity Forum

DCG’s Steffani Kizziar and her husband, Andrew Dreitcer – Associate Professor of Spirituality and Co-Director of the Claremont School of Theology’s Center for Engaged Compassion – will be participating in a Spirit of Humanity Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland from April 10-12, 2014. The aim of the Spirit of Humanity Forum is to influence effective universal change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values.

The focus of this upcoming event, titled “The Power of Love and Compassion in Governance — Sharing Actions for Effective Change,” is to discover how love and compassion can be applied to governance and leadership to help bring about meaningful and effective change. Steffani and Andrew are honored to be facilitators to some meaningful discussion. At DCG, we are looking forward to hearing the valuable insights Steffani and Andrew take away from the forum.

To learn more about the Spirit of Humanity forum and “The Power of Love and Compassion in Governance” in Reykjavik, visit http://sohforum.org/.