Deferred Maintenance at Theological Schools

kizzier-150x183The In Trust Center for Theological Schools recently interviewed Steffani Kizziar, president of faith-based services at DCG Real Estate, for its in-depth article on addressing deferred maintenance at theological schools. Due to tight budgets and a number of competing priorities, building maintenance at theological schools across the country has been put on the back burner, and now such schools are finding it tough to prioritize and set a plan for repairs.

As Steffani explains in the article, bringing in outside consulting services can help schools find creative solutions that reflect their values:

“We ask companies to tell our clients about their purposes and values. You don’t have to sell to a big-box retailer. The highest return has to be about optimizing the value of land in the context of values.”

We’re excited to be able to share our perspective on this issue facing theological schools, based on our experience helping schools facing many of the exact issues detailed in the article.

Read the entire article here.