building stronger community using church real estate for affordable housing

Churches Respond to the ‘Moral Crisis’ in Bay Area Housing

Momentum is building for local churches turning their own properties into affordable-housing developments.

FOX Channel 2 came out with the latest report detailing this growing trend in the Bay Area. The story highlights the current development project by Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ. The church is refurbishing 63 dilapidated Hayward apartments that sit across the street from its sanctuary.

The shortage of affordable housing in the Bay Area has reached crisis levels. As affordable housing is torn down and replaced with market-rate developments, low- and mid-wage earners are forced to leave the area, make ever-longer commutes or become homeless.

DCG Strategies CEO Landis Graden is quoted in the story. “It’s a moral crisis, and [churches] feel like, as a faith-based entity, [they] should be doing more,” he says.

DCG Strategies has worked with faith communities for years to find the best properties that fit their ministry needs and to repurpose existing properties to unlock their maximum use. Graden calls church land “the last real resource to do housing development in the Bay Area.”

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