DCG Receives Award of Appreciation from Glad Tidings Church

On June 5, 2011, Dutra-Cerro-Graden recieved a “Supporters of the Vision” Award of Appreciation by Glad Tidings Church. As part of their 33rd Anniversary Celebration, Bishop J. W. Macklin led the celebration which honored 33 businesses who have provided on-going support of Glad Tidings’ vision and mission.

In 1978, Glad Tidings began the long-term commitment to both serve and revitalize its local community. Under the leadership of Bishop J. W. Macklin, the entire neighborhood surrounding the Glad Tidings Church has gone from one where it wasn’t safe to go outside to a nationally recognized award winning community. Dutra-Cerro-Graden looks forward to our continued partnership with Glad Tidings in Creating Communities of ValueTM.

For more information on Glad Tidings Church, visit: www.gladtidingscogic.org.