Are Pastors Both Theologians and CEOs?

A timely article from Church Law and Tax, and one that echoes sentiments of many faith leaders we meet with. “We leave seminary with an understanding of a theology of stewardship, but how do we translate that into income-and-expense sheets?” – and more specifically as it relates to the significant assets many are sitting on in states with high land values … “I was trained as a pastor not a real estate expert…”

How to evaluate the financial opportunities their property may present? How to align them with their vision for the church? And how to effectively communicate and moderate change through the congregation? While DCG is honored to walk alongside and guide a strategic discernment process for and with faith leaders to help them strengthen their fiscal sustainability and realize their ministry vision, we echo the author of this article when he concludes seminaries and denominations should prepare pastors to be both theologian and CEO. “While churches are like families, maybe they need to be run like businesses…Seminaries should require business and management classes, and the governing bodies of denominations (presbyteries, synods, districts) should provide training and workshops to their pastors. This should be a no-brainer.”