Sisters seek Partner to Preserve Historic Property

Contact: Landis Graden
Phone: 510.881.2510
Email: [email protected]

HAYWARD, Calif. (October 12, 2009) – Roman Catholic Sisters who reside at 159 Washington Blvd. in the Mission San Jose area of Fremont, commonly known as Palmdale, recently decided to seek out proposals for the preservation of approximately 9.16 acres of their 14.82 acre grounds.

In making the recent announcement, Gladys Guenther, President of the Sisters of the Holy Family, made clear that while the Sisters are open to looking at all options, they are resolute in their desire to preserve the land, vegetation, historic buildings and shrines/grottos in as close as possible to their current serene state. This is especially true of the core area of the property which is dominated by landscape and historic resources.

The property currently is used by the Sisters for the purposes of their ministry and includes office and residential functions. Certain facilities on the site are made available privately for outside use, such as weddings and special receptions and meetings. While the site has a General Plan designation of Residential, Medium 6.5-10 units per acre, it is identified as a Historic Resource referred to as Palmdale and contains at least two major historic residences referred to as the Best House and the Starr House in a park-like setting. The Mission Creek flows through the site in an improved concrete channel.

The Sisters are seeking an entity with the technical, design and financial capabilities to provide a creative and innovative proposal for improving, conserving and operating the property and demonstrated understanding of projects of this nature. To this end, the Sisters engaged Dutra Cerro Graden to handle both the land use and disposition responsibilities for the property.