These Congregations are Taking the Housing Crisis Into Their Own Hands

Churches have been following the command to “love your neighbor” for two millennia, but that effort has taken on a new wrinkle in the Bay Area in recent years.

Soaring housing prices in a gentrifying region has meant that many Bay Area neighbors have been forced from their homes and left homeless or displaced.

In response, churches across the region have looked to their own empty lots, underused buildings and parking lots for solutions.

This Mercury News article highlights the development work churches are undergoing to build affordable housing for their low-income neighbors. The trend isn’t exactly new — DCG Strategies has been partnering with churches on these projects for years — but it is definitely gaining steam.

“We’re really, really busy,” DCG Strategies CEO Landis Graden says in the article.

Putting together such a project is more complicated than simply owning the land and being willing to do it, Graden says, but that’s where DCG can help. DCG is currently working with four churches on their development projects, and more are starting discussions all the time.

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