September 4, 2019 / Published in Commercial
The opportunity to build a truly large-scale government real estate development in a densely populated, densely built environment happens rarely. When it does, expertise and experience are needed to take advantage of it. DCG Strategies brought both to the table to work with a planner, a developer, and five local and state agencies to develop
May 10, 2019 / Published in Commercial
Property: Fremont Boulevard and Beard Road, Fremont, CA The Beard Road Development Project is located in Fremont, CA and was ultimately approved as a multi-phase 63-unit residential subdivision. The project required the assemblage of three different properties for a cumulative total of 4.55 acres. The project consists of multiple residential product types including two and
May 10, 2019 / Published in Commercial
Glad Tidings Community Development Corporation (GTCDC) is a non-profit based in Hayward, CA. GTCDC’s Mission is to preserve, strengthen, and empower our families, households, residents and community by increasing economic development; promoting safe and healthy neighborhoods, providing high-quality and well-maintained affordable housing and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Unique Challenge GTCDC was invited to participate in the