As reported by SF Gate and other media outlets, Governor Brown has signed Senate Bill 1413, allowing school districts in high-priced cities to build teacher-only affordable housing on district property. According to Redfin, a national real estate brokerage, of California’s 31 most-populous counties, only 17 percent of homes for sale in those counties were affordable on the state’s
July 21, 2016 / Published in Education
… Just when you thought you knew the lay of the land… As many were gearing up for Independence Day celebrations, the California Education Code provision regarding charter schools and public school district surplus property quietly expired on June 30 with little to no fanfare. There are important implications for both parties. As a refresher,
A recent San Francisco Chronicle article highlights the degree to which teachers all over San Francisco are struggling. A December survey of 920 teachers and classroom staff conducted by the United Educators of San Francisco union found that 77 percent had a difficult time finding suitable housing. Fifty-nine percent said they were concerned the city’s
“Teacher housing is an additional tool to recruit people,” said Dominic Dutra, a Bay Area real estate developer who helps school districts plan and build teacher housing. “School districts have all of this underutilized land, and here’s a policy that helps them be competitive.”
May 3, 2016 / Published in Education
Being engaged with school districts across California, we have the honor and privilege of working alongside many educators and teachers – and during Teacher Appreciation Week, want to extend our warmest and most genuine THANK YOU for all you do. For your commitment to our children, their learning and growth For your creativity and inspiration when resources and interest are low
SF Gate reports on a recent survey released by the Bay Area Council, having polled 1,000 residents across the 9-counties surrounding San Francisco Bay. The focus? Housing. Or more specifically what to do about the lack thereof.
October 14, 2015 / Published in Education, Faith-Based
The In Trust Center for Theological Schools recently interviewed Steffani Kizziar, president of faith-based services at DCG Real Estate, for its in-depth article on addressing deferred maintenance at theological schools. Due to tight budgets and a number of competing priorities, building maintenance at theological schools across the country has been put on the back burner,
September 10, 2015 / Published in Education
When it comes to choosing the right location for your new school development project, it’s not all about location. While it’s true that location is the biggest influencing factor on the success of school district real estate, there’s more to the process than simply picking the best plot of land. Real estate development for schools
June 1, 2015 / Published in Education
Students at community colleges can now learn from anywhere at anytime, providing real estate opportunities for the institutions. Image from Wikimedia Commons. The phrase community college is one of those dyads we take for granted, not really thinking much about what it means. It is a signifier for a smaller, usually non-residential school with unconventional hours made up of non-traditional students. But its real importance comes when you take the two words apart and focus on the community side. A community college is a place that is both part of and an aid to the community. It draws regionally, from neighbors and coworkers, and its life comes from the strength of the community.
May 27, 2015 / Published in Education
Schools have a lot of options when they need space. One of them is buying and converting an old building. Credit: Flickr CC user US Department of Education Occasionally schools have to close, leaving large, empty buildings in their wake. People have frequently found interesting ways to repurpose them, turning the old buildings into community
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Certain school projects really get people’s attention, and we are not talking about building new classrooms or labs. Auditoriums, ball fields, and high school stadiums tend to get people off their couches and out to the school board meeting. This is especially true with another kind of a project: a pool. There’s no doubt that
April 15, 2015 / Published in Education
An old school can become a blight or an opportunity. Districts must first make the hard decision to dispose of them. Credit: Flickr CC user alamosbasement The decision to close a school is never an easy one. People tend to be passionate about their old school buildings; they have fond memories of gathering around their